Botltle Of 7UP (1.5ltr)£3.00 (Regular)

Bottle Of Pepsi (1.5ltr)£3.00 (Regular)

Cans£1.10 (Regular)

Dr pepper, coke, rubicon(mango, guava), irn bru, rio, 7up, tango, diet pepsi & water.

Chips£1.50 (Regular)

£2.20 (Large)

£2.70 (With cheese)

Chips In Pitta£1.50 (Regular)

£2.00 (Large)

£2.50 (With cheese)

Coleslaw£1.50 (Regular)

£2.00 (Large)

£2.50 (With cheese)

Hummus With Salad£2.00 (Regular)

£2.50 (Large)

£3.00 (With cheese)

Meat Samosa£2.00 (Regular)(3)

£3.50 (Large)(6)

£4.00(With cheese)

Onion Rings£2.00 (Regular)(9)


£3.50 (With cheese)

Pepsi Max (1.5ltr)£2.50 (Regular)

Side Salad£1.00 (Regular)

onion, lettuce, tommato, cucumber & pickled chilli£1.50 (Large)

£2.00 (With cheese)

Spicy Wedges[With seprate sauce]£2.50 (regular)

£3.50 (Large)

£4.00 (With cheese)

Tub Of Sauce£0.50 (Regular)

Veg Samosa£2.00 (Regular)(3)

£3.50 (Large)(6)

£4.00 (With cheese)