1/2 beef Burger£4.00 (With cheese)

£5.00 (With chips)

£6.00 (Meal chips & drink)

1/4 Beef Burger£3.00 (With cheese)

£4.00 (with cheese)

£5.00 (Meal chips & drink)

100% Chicken Fillet£3.70 (with cheese)

£4.50 (With chips)

£5.50 (Meal chips & drinks)

Chicken Classic (NEW)£5.00 (With cheese)

1/2Ib chicken fillet(100% fillet) with 2 slices of cheeese, lettuce, sliced tomoto & mayonaise.£4.50 (With chips)

£6.70 (Meal chips & drink)

Chicken Strip Burger£3.30 (With cheese)

£4.50 (With chips)

£5.00 (Meal chips & drink)

Combo burger£4.70 (With cheese)

1/4Ib beef burger, 100% chicken fillet, with lettuce, onion & slice of cheese£5.50 (With chips)

£6.50 (Meal chips & drink)

Crunchy Chicken Deluxe (New)£4.50 (With cheese)

1/4Ib beef burger, 2 chicken strips, a slice of cheese, lettuce & mayonaise.£5.20 (With chips)

£6.20 (Meal chips & drink)

Fish Burger£3.70 (with cheese)

£4.50 (With chips)

£5.50 (Meal chips & drink)

Gourmet Burger (NEW)£4.50 (With cheese)

Serverd with lettuce, mayo, jalapenos, sliced gherkin and a slice of cheese£5.20 (With chips)

£6.20 (Meal chips & drink)

Hawaiian Burger£3.50 (with cheese)

1/4Ib beef with a slice of cheese, onion, lettue, sliced tomato topped with pineapple & choice of sauce£4.20 (with chips)

£5.00 (Meal chips & drink)

Hot Sizzler(NEW)£4.50 (With cheese)

1/2Ib beef burger, 2 slices of cheese, lettuce, fried onion, fried chilli & chilli sauce£5.30 (With chips)

£6.30 (Meal chips & drink)

Super King Burger (NEW)£5.30 (With cheese)

3 * 1/4Ib beef burger with lettuce & 2 slices of cheese£6.00 (With chips)

£7.00 (Meal chips & drink)

Veg Burger£3.30 (with cheese)

£4.00 (with chips)

£5.00 (meal chips & drink)